Craftmaster Code Definitions
Vendor Types Allowed
A  Antiques
AC  Arts & Crafts
ACO  Arts & Crafts that are Handmade by the Seller ONLY
FA  Fine Art
FAO  Fine Art that is Handmade by the Seller ONLY
CL  Clothing
DB/DM  Dolls & Bears / Dolls & Miniatures
E  Entertainers (clowns, musicians, jugglers, etc)
F  Food Vendors
JY  Jewelry (please specify using the AC or ACO code whether it must be handmade by the seller)
CMR  Commercial Vendors (includes resale items, commercial booths such as Verizon, etc)
  Additional Codes
CP  Canopy Provided
CR  Canopy Rental is Available from the Promoter (please include price where possible)
CV  Carnival takes place in conjunction with the event
CVR  Central Vendor Registry (meaning there is a central checkout / cashier for ALL Vendors participitating).  Usually this code only applies to mixed boutiques and similar events
CLR  City License to Sell at the event is required of the vendor (includes events where the promoter provides the city license as part of the application fee)
DL  Deadline Date for Vendor Applications
DNR  Deposit is NON-Refundable
DR  Deposit is Refundabe
FRC  Fire Retardant Table Covers are required by the city fire marshall.  **Please note that this only applies to specific events.  Other fire retardant requirements (such as booths for food vendors who will be cooking), are considered standard in the industry and should be communicated to the food vendors by the promoters.
IS  Inside Spaces Available (i.e. inside a convention center, building, etc)
OS  Outside Spaces Available (i.e. city streets, parks, etc)
INS  Insurance is required (specifics to be communicated to the vendor by the promoter)
JU  Juried Event.   All vendors must participate in a "jury" process, whereas a group or board for the event decides whether or not to accept or decline the vendor's application.   Usually includes a jurying fee, along with specific requirements of the vendor (i.e. photos/slides of their work and booth decorations, etc).
K  K-Run takes place in conjunction with the event (i.e. 5K run, 10K run, or other such as a marathon)
NR  No Reps allowed (for example, a sales rep for a specific product or service may not participate).  Occasionally artists may have a "representative" sell their work for them at different events.  Specifying this code means that it is explicitly not allowed
NS  Night Security is Available (usually for multiple-day events, or for events that require vendors to setup the day/evening before the event)
OCS  Overnight Camping Spaces are available nearby for vendors who travel by RV, etc.
PH  Photos of the vendor's art/craft and/or booth are required as part of the application process.
PWR  Power is available for vendors (specify any additional where possible)
RD  Rain Date for the event, should the event be cancelled due to weather conditions.
RESO  Residents ONLY are allowed to participate, meaning that the event does not accept vendors that do not reside within a certain area to participate (could include city, county, etc. and can also include members of a specific guild/club, etc.)
SASE  Promoter requests the vendors to send self-addressed, stamped envelopes to receive applications.
TH  Themed Event (example:  Irish theme, Christmas theme, etc.).  Usually in Themed Events, only vendors that sell items pertaining to that specific theme will be accepted to the event.
TP  Tables are Provided (for events that have mostly tables, rather than booth spaces, for their vendors).
TR  Table Rental is available (for the above described events).